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the technical proposal response

Bonus Included! The detailed cover letter that accompanies the technical proposal.

Proposal Description

This technical proposal example is one of the tools included in The Bid-Winning System and you can purchase it separately for $97 by clicking the button below. It includes the Executive Summary, the RFP summary, and the responses to the solicitation requirements. Details include:

General and Mandatory Requirements - Requirements for products strategy, service strategy, insurance, documentation, and contract and report administrators identification.

Provider Qualifications - identifying service solution, customer service strategy, and subcontractor partnerships. Additional qualifications for offered service solution including terms and conditions, experience, and financial status are also included.

The comprehensive grant application kit!

This kit includes a grant proposal detailing budget narratives and justification, solution narratives, 280 Grant Resources from federal, state, local, and private funders, and a quick reference providing the fundraising plan process. 

Special! The Comprehensive Grant Application Kit is at a special price of $47 when you purchase The Bid-Winning System! The Technical Proposal Response is included in The Bid-Winning System. To purchase The Bid-Winning System and get $10 off the purchase of The Comprehensive Grant Application Kit, click the button below.