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the requirements matrix

Bonus Included! Requirements data and evaluation criteria are included in an editable MS Word format!


Matrix Description

This requirements matrix is one of the 7 tools included in The Bid-Winning System and you can purchase it separately for $7 by clicking the button below. It is a part of your capture planning process to help create a compliant RFP proposal response and it displays the RFP requirements that must be addressed in your response. Proposal response sections align with RFP sections and evaluation criteria. 

Sections include:  RFP and proposal section names, RFP instructions, evaluation criteria from the RFP, and statement and performance work statement sections.

The comprehensive grant application kit!

This package includes a grant proposal detailing budget narratives and justification, solution narratives, 280 resources from federal, state, local, and private funders, and a quick reference providing the fundraising process. 

Special! The Comprehensive Grant Application Kit is a special price of $47 when you purchase The Bid-Winning System! The Bid-Winning System includes The Requirements Matrix. To purchase The Bid-Winning System and get $10 off the purchase of The Comprehensive Grant Application Kit, click the button below.