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the bid management project plan

Bonus Included! The team role assignments and the outcome deliverables associated with each task are indicated. 

Project Plan Description

This four phase 83-task project plan is one of the 7 tools included in The Bid-Winning System and you can purchase it separately for $17 by clicking the button below. It helps you keep track of the activities you and your team should complete leading up to submitting the final proposal. The plan includes assigned team roles and  indicated outcome deliverables for each activity.

Four Phases include:  Evaluating the opportunity, Planning and preparation before writing the proposal, developing the proposal, and final proposal submission and follow-up.

Detailed Activities for the Four-Phases include deciding on whether you should bid, determining the best bid strategy, risk management activities, and developing the winning proposal. 

The comprehensive grant application kit!

This kit includes a 45-page grant proposal detailing budget narratives and justification, solution narratives, 280 Grant Resources resources from federal, state, local, and private funders, and a quick reference providing the fundraising plan process. 

Special! The Comprehensive Grant Application Kit is at a special price of $47 when you purchase The Bid-Winning System. The Bid-Winning System includes The Bid Management Project Plan and 6 additional proposal-winning tools! To purchase The Bid-Winning System and get $10 off the purchase of The Comprehensive Grant Application Kit, click the button below.