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the secrets to winning the rfp

Bonus Included! 250 State, Local, and Federal prime and subcontracting resources and opportunities.

e-Book Description

This e-Book is organized into two parts representing the two concepts that are vital to winning the bid: knowing how to play the bidding game and how to submit a compelling proposal.

Part 1 - "Before Bidding" - this section provides details on how to play the RFP game and win, how to push the decision towards your favor by properly using "pitch", "proof", and "differentiators". Part 1 concludes with details about the proposal presentation and how to make it "customer-centric" because "it's not about  you" when you provide and implement the solution.

Part 2 - "The Bid" - Part 2 details capture techniques, the proposal team's responsibilities, and applying the finishing touches to your "winning proposal".

The grant Proposal package!

This package includes a grant proposal detailing budget narratives and justification, solution narratives, 280 resources from state, local, and private funders, and a quick reference providing the fundraising process. 

Bonus! The Grant Proposal Package is a FREE bonus when you purchase The Bid-Winning System!

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