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250 contracting resources!

Contracting and Subcontracting Resources

The web is full of contracting and subcontracting resources for small businesses. We have made it convenient for small businesses to locate these resources by compiling a list of 250 links to federal and state government resource offices, subcontracting opportunities, and registration portals.  The resources are included in the eBook, "The Secrets To Winning The RFP"...one of the 7 tools found in The Bid-Winning System!

Here are some of the 250 resources included:  Partnership opportunities through subcontracting, joint ventures, contractor team arrangements, and mentor-protege programs. vendor registration sites, funding sites, procurement and resource centers are also included.

The comprehensive grant Application kit!

This package includes a grant proposal detailing budget narratives and justification, solution narratives, 280 grant resources from federal, state, local, and private funders, and a quick reference providing the fundraising plan process. 

Special! The Comprehensive Grant Application Kit is at a special price of $47 when you purchase The Bid-Winning System. The Bid-Winning System includes 250 Contracting Resources found in the eBook "The Secrets To Winning The RFP"! To purchase The Bid-Winning System and get $10 off the purchase of The Comprehensive Grant Application Kit, click the button below.